Will Canada ban knives?  -Washington Times

Will Canada ban knives? -Washington Times

Final month, 10 folks have been killed and greater than a dozen others have been injured in an enormous stabbing assault in Canada.

Sure, stab – not shoot.

Equally, on November 21, 2021, six folks have been killed and 62 injured within the assault on the Christmas Parade SUV in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

And certain sufficient, on September 11, 2001, 4 planes have been hijacked, ensuing within the homicide of two,996 people who day alone.

All of those occasions of mass violence have one factor in frequent: none of those mass murderers used firearms.

These occasions are additional proof that even a full repeal of the Second Modification with 100% gun confiscation, which is the obvious purpose of the anti-gun left, wouldn’t cease the deranged from killing folks in mass violence occasions.

Certainly, if weapons have been magically faraway from society, there could be extra murders – not much less.

The victims; associates and households is not going to really feel higher that their mom or father, or their husband, spouse, son, daughter or good friend was murdered by a knife, truck or aircraft as an alternative of a bullet .

What extra proof is required that these should not firearms? The place are the calls to ban knives in Canada? SUV in Waukesha? Planes in New York?

Ought to each Canadian now register with the federal government earlier than shopping for a blade machine? A chef’s knife? Steak knives?

A butter knife?

We hear that banning weapons, or severely limiting entry to them, is crucial to ending mass violence occasions.

However historical past teaches that mass violence and mass killings will at all times occur.

Mass murderers do not care concerning the instrument of loss of life. For each one that causes a mass violence occasion the place many individuals die and are injured, there are thousands and thousands extra who use the identical instrument responsibly day by day. Knives. Autos. Airplanes. And sure, weapons.

What Gun Homeowners of America finds irresponsible is when somebody makes use of a mass casualty assault to advance a political agenda. It’s reprehensible and immoral. He insults the intelligence of each American with probably the most primary understanding of logic and motive – and a way of morality.

Intention doesn’t care concerning the instrument of destruction.

We imagine in conserving the one factor that finally controls the tyranny of presidency – the Second Modification. Those that imagine that each one politicians are angels would possibly disagree with us, however that isn’t the truth.

The fact is that the overwhelming majority of gun homeowners are accountable. The fact is realizing {that a} neighborhood educated in the usage of firearms is a protected neighborhood. And the truth is that criminals will use something they’ll get their palms on to wreak havoc: knives, SUVs, and even airplanes.

It is time to face actuality and cease the irresponsible imposition of gun confiscation, monitoring of gun purchases, a nationwide gun registry and gun management funding within the identify of to cease the killings.

Till these advocating such measures are ready to mandate knife confiscation, monitoring of knife purchases, a nationwide knife registry, and funding for knife management.

Or is it subsequent?

• John Velleco is Govt Vice President of Gun Homeowners of America, a grassroots lobbying group with greater than 2 million members and supporters nationwide.

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