The 13 Best Weapons of the Exiled Lands

The 13 Best Weapons of the Exiled Lands

Survival MMO Conan Exiles options an enormous variety of weapons, and it is simple to lose sight of them. We let you know of every class of weapons which is one of the best.

These classes of weapons exist: In Conan Exiles, there are mainly 20 classes of weapons. Nonetheless, these additionally embrace bombs, siege weapons, shields or torches. We’ll give attention to the necessities of this record and break it down into these 13 classes:

  • One-handed ax
  • One-handed mace
  • One-Handed Shortsword
  • One-handed spear
  • One handed sword
  • Two-handed dagger
  • Nice two-handed ax
  • two-handed katana
  • Two-handed mace
  • Two-handed spear
  • Two-handed sword
  • Bow
  • Throwing knife

These are one of the best weapons in Conan Exiles

One of the best weapons in Conan Exiles are, in fact, end-game weapons, which you’ll be able to’t all the time craft your self, however discover in dungeons or from world bosses. We additionally do not all the time depend on the best assault values, but in addition on armor penetration, weight and extra values ​​like bleed injury.

One-Handed Axe: Yog’s Contact

Yog’s Contact is a legendary one-handed ax for degree 60. This spiritual merchandise, inscribed with sacred runes, was snatched from the undead palms of the shadow of the Priest-King. The essence of Yog trapped on this ax corrupts any goal it touches.

  • Injury: 51
  • Armor Penetration: 28%
  • lester: 4.55
  • Results: Corrupted, Break Defend, Mutilate.
  • Location: Potential drop from Servant of the Priest King.

Why it is a good weapon: Yog’s Contact, as a one-handed axe, is a quick pressure weapon that destroys shields shortly, has average armor penetration, and paralyzes your enemies. You may completely weaken your opponents with the Corruption impact, which is usually helpful in PvP.

One-Handed Mace: Ghoulbone

Surprisingly, this twisted ghoul femur is sort of effectively balanced. Its heavy weight and huge head are additionally useful for forceful headbutts, making it an unpleasant however succesful weapon.

The mace is able to shattering bones by armor and shattering helmets. It’s a favourite weapon in opposition to closely armored enemies, bypassing their armor safety with sheer pressure.

Ghoulbone - Guided

  • Injury: 56
  • Armor Penetration: 27%.
  • Lester: 4.55
  • Results: Shattered Defend, Crippled
  • Location: Random world loot

Why it is a good weapon: The Ghoul Bone would not look excellent, but it surely has a number of the highest injury of any mace and good armor penetration. Typical of a blunt weapon, it’s good for breaking shields and paralyzing enemies.

One-Handed Shortsword: Rendered

In primitive cultures, brief swords are merely derided as knives. Nonetheless, in Hyborian cultures akin to Aquilonia or Nemedia, the place defend partitions and cavalry fees have turn into a fight actuality, shortswords are prized for his or her potential to stab and thrust into areas the place no longsword may by no means be dealt with.

A typical infantryman of the armies of Aquilonia carries a spear and a shortsword along with his defend – and when the primary battle cost is over and the sluggish rumble of the meat grinder begins, it is the shortswords that resolve the day. . .

As a result of they’re smaller and weigh lower than different weapons, brief swords are additionally sooner to make use of and eat much less stamina than their bigger counterparts.

render-blade - Guided

  • Injury: 64
  • Armor Penetration: 19%
  • Lester: 2.63
  • Results:
  • Location: Random World-Drop

Why it is a good weapon: The “Render” One-Handed Quick Sword, just like the “Chew of Shadow” One-Handed Quick Sword and “Quick Sword of Prince Kraxus”, are laborious to search out, however all three supply the identical standing values. For a brief sword, they provide excessive injury and average armor penetration.

One-Handed Spear: Riptide

An inscription reads: “Don’t throw it away, in any other case will probably be misplaced without end”.

Riptide - Guided

  • Injury: 57
  • Armor Penetration: 18%.
  • Lester: 1.00
  • Results: Aquatic respiratory
  • Location: Potential Winged Dying boss drop in Anonymous City.

Why it is a good weapon: Opposite to what the inscription suggests, you may throw the spear and decide it up once more with out hesitation. The injury inflicted is excessive for a one-handed weapon, and the armor penetration is fairly poor. However water respiratory is a novel impact that hardly another weapon has.

One-Handed Sword: The Predatory Blade

The blade of the sword is engraved with the phrases “Swinging Wildly”.

predatory sword - Guided

  • Injury: 97
  • Armor Penetration: 9%
  • Lester: 3.50
  • Results: Paralyze
  • Location: Potential boss drop “The Brute” within the Unnamed City.

Why it is a good weapon: The Predator Blade has the best injury of all one-handed weapons. It solely has 9% armor penetration, however the practically 100 injury makes up for it. Solely with the heavy assault does the weapon solely deal one injury, however can thus be used to stun enemies for those who connect a blunt weapon.

Two-Handed Dagger: Gremlinfangs

These daggers penetrate metallic like flesh, piercing armor and inflicting extra injury to the enemy.

gremlinfangs - Guided

  • Injury: 47
  • Armor Penetration: 20%
  • Lester: 2.45
  • Results: Bleeding, Crippled
  • Location: Random world loot

Why it is a good weapon: Actual thieves use daggers. You’re nimble with them and deal excessive bleed injury. Gremlinfangs have a excessive injury output and average armor penetration. Fast hits with this weapon are lethal when used accurately.

Nice two-handed axe: the beak

The beak is a two-handed ax made largely of bone with a tip resembling a beak. The story of this ax is that of one of many youngsters of the Jhil, generally known as Kryll’ixth’arus. As a cub, Kryll’ixth’arus was stolen from Afghulistan by a band of raiders and offered to a menagerie touring the Silk Street. Kryll’ixth’arus realized to battle with human weapons and ultimately destroyed its house owners. He disappeared and not using a hint, however his ax remained.

Le-Bec - Guided

  • Injury: 55
  • Armor Penetration: 49%
  • Lester: 5.25
  • Results: Bleed
  • Location: Random world loot.

Why it is a good weapon: The legendary two-handed ax doesn’t play within the higher league with 55 injury, however the 49% armor penetration instantly destroys any protection. It’s notably feared in PvP.

Two-Handed Katana: Musashi’s Black Blade

Expertly crafted within the Jap Kingdoms, the metallic from which the blade is cast has been bent thousands and thousands of occasions. It’s the quintessence of expertise, imbued with the soul of its creator.

musashis-black-blade - Guided

  • Injury: 60
  • Armor Penetration: 13%.
  • Lester: 4.38
  • Results: Bleed
  • Location: Potential drop in Legendary Chests.

Why it is a good weapon: Musashi’s Black Blade is among the finest katanas. His laborious hits deal excessive bleed injury and his quick assaults have a average vary. Katanas even have a lethal particular assault that may hit a number of enemies.

Two-Handed Mace: Abyssal Mace

The Abyssal Mace solely got here into play with the three.0 replace and might be summoned as a spellcaster. An historic and fearsome two-handed mace given to its wielder by an unknown demon, with the settlement that blood can be shed with it.

Icon_demon_2h_maul - Guided

  • Injury: 72
  • Armor Penetration: 47%
  • Lester: 0.10
  • Results: Insatiable
  • Location: Will be summoned in a circle of energy.

Why it is a good weapon: When you efficiently summon the weapon, it solely lasts for an hour. The timer passes so long as you have got the weapon actively geared up. Its injury is especially excessive, and armor penetration is amongst Conan Exiles’ finest choices. The low weight of 0.10 can be exceptional. The “Insatiable” impact will increase the timer as quickly as you kill an enemy with the weapon.

Two-Handed Spear: Mordlun

A robust weapon that comes from the undead palms of the Warlord’s Shadow. This weapon will corrupt anybody who will get their palms on it, but it surely appears to one way or the other defend its wielder from these unhealthy results.

Mordlun - Guided

  • Injury: 56
  • Armor Penetration: 9%.
  • Lester: 4.38
  • Results: Attain, Corrupt, Bleed, Cripple.
  • Location: Random world loot.

Why it is a good weapon: With this weapon, you’ll preserve your enemies at a distance, add bleeding to them and scale back their statistics because of Corruption. Injury is average and armor penetration is barely price mentioning. Nonetheless, the consequences make Mordlun one of the best spear within the recreation.

Two-Handed Sword: Crom’s Sword

This sword was not made for or by Crom, but it surely would possibly as effectively be one. It’s extremely taxing to wield and inflicts large injury with every strike.

Crom Sword - Guided

  • Injury: 91
  • Armor Penetration: 22%.
  • Lester: 5.25
  • Results: Paralyze
  • Location: Potential loot from Guardian of the Flame, The Commander, The Watcher, or The Gravewalker from the Anonymous Metropolis.

Why it is a good weapon: Crom’s Sword is the strongest two-handed sword and offers large injury. Nonetheless, it solely presents one impact with Cripple and its heavy weight makes it cumbersome to wield. When you nonetheless hit, your opponents will see black.

Bow: Abyss Bow

The Abyssal Bow solely entered the sport with the three.0 replace and might be summoned as a spellcaster. A fearsome weapon fashioned of an unknown materials and given to its wielder by a mysterious denizen of the Abyss.

Icon_demon_bow - Guided

  • Injury: 28
  • Armor Penetration: 9%
  • Lester: 0.10
  • Results: Insatiable
  • Location: Will be summoned in a circle of energy.

Why it is a good weapon: Much like the Abyssal Mace, the bow can be very sturdy and above all very mild. Despite the fact that there are extra highly effective bows in Conan Exiles, the Abyssian bow presents one explicit benefit: you do not want arrows. Arrows are merely summoned and price no assets, vitality, or house. As with the flask, nonetheless, a timer will increase once more with every enemy you kill.

Throwing Knife: Akbitanan Throwing Knife

Held within the free hand, these knives can be utilized to stab enemies and throw them within the face in an emergency.

throwing knife - Guided

  • Injury: 57
  • Armor Penetration: 0%
  • Lester: 1.00
  • Results:
  • Location: Will be looted at Hope’s Finish, situated in the back of Skittering Cave within the Banished Lands or north of the Gates of X’chotl (north) on the Isle of Siptah.

Why it is a good weapon: Since there’s little distinction in armor penetration, weight, or results between throwing weapons, we have now listed Akbitan throwing knives right here as they do essentially the most injury.

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