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Is TikTok’s Viral Butter Board trend healthy?

Butter boards are the most recent TikTok meals orient oneself go viral. The idea is straightforward: coat a chopping board with butter and sprinkle it with an inventive assortment of herbs, fruits, nuts and greens. However whereas these quaint plates might look scrumptious, they are not with out danger.

The pattern began on September 16, when American recipe designer Justine Doiron posted a video of what she hoped could be the “subsequent charcuterie platter” on TikTok. The clip has since had 8.5 million views and over one million likes.

The response has been blended, with many customers expressing issues about hygiene. “Nope [thank you] I do not belief double divers,” one person stated.

“Share [communal food] with others comes with some apparent dangers,” stated Dr. Karan Rajan, a surgeon who’s broadly adopted on social media. Newsweek. “If somebody would not wash their arms after utilizing the bathroom, that is a simple manner for gastroenteritis to unfold.”

Though this can be a danger with any widespread meals, Rajan stated the character of butter boards makes this type of germ swapping particularly probably. “There’s extra prolonged contact time and extra saliva switch,” Rajan stated.

Inventory picture of individuals sharing meals. The viral new butter board pattern is difficult the hygiene of dipping bread on a board coated in butter and toppings.

“I believe sharing inside a household might be truthful sport. You already share the identical areas and are most likely uncovered to the identical germs,” ​​he stated.

Whereas these issues could be largely negated by utilizing a bread knife, the board itself will also be an issue. Family chopping boards have been proven to harbor all types of dangerous micro organism, together with E. coli, listeria, and salmonella. These microbes reside within the deep grooves of the knives that mark the floor of the board whereas ready to hitchhike on a layer of scorching, melting butter. Anybody contemplating making an attempt this pattern ought to subsequently think about using a special board than the one they’re getting ready meals on.

cutting board with bread
Picture of a picket chopping board. If you happen to’re seeking to make a butter board, it is value contemplating utilizing a special board than the one you are getting ready meals on.
Angelika Heine/Getty

Germs, in fact, aren’t the one well being difficulty related to consuming a tray of butter. “Butter is a concentrated supply of saturated fats (which…is related to an elevated danger of heart problems),” stated Lilian Cheung, director of well being promotion and communications for Harvard TH’s Division of Diet. Chan Faculty of Public Well being. Newsweek. “In comparison with sources of unsaturated fat, equivalent to olive oilbutter goes to be the least optimum selection for our well being.”

Whereas it is no shock, relating to saturated fats, a plank filled with butter is significantly worse on your well being than related salty snacks. “There’s greater than twice the quantity of saturated fats in an oz of butter (14 grams) in comparison with an oz of cheese (6 grams),” Cheung stated. “Nevertheless, the quantity of sodium in cheeses is greater than in butter.”

selection of cheeses
Picture of a number of cheeses. Butter has twice as a lot saturated fats as cheese per ounce.

“Whereas a few of these butter or cheese boards might incorporate nutritious toppings equivalent to nuts, herbs, sliced ​​greens or fruit, from a well being perspective it is all the time greatest to take pleasure in these boards with ‘others as an occasional celebratory meals — not one thing to eat every day,” she says. “Tasty and nutritious alternate options to butter boards could be hummus boards and nut butter boards.”

“It is essential to think about frequency and alternate options when evaluating a person meals,” she stated. “If butter is an ‘occasional meals’ that’s eaten sometimes…it could be good if the person had no well being danger from saturated fats.”

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