Can you freeze cranberry sauce?

Can you freeze cranberry sauce?

frozen cranberry sauce in a plastic bag

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A great cranberry sauce full all thanksgiving meallending its completely advanced candy and tart flavors to unfold roasted meats and savory accompaniments in your table of annual festivals.

Leftovers can simply be unfold on turkey sandwiches, added to bowls of Greek yogurt granola or pancakes for breakfast, or drizzled with ice cream for dessert for weeks to return.

When saved correctly, canned and do-it-yourself cranberry sauces can final two weeks in the refrigerator.

Within the unlikely occasion that you simply nonetheless find yourself with an excessive amount of cranberry sauce, take into account another choice to increase the shelf lifetime of your cranberry sauce: freezing.

The Advantages of Freezing Cranberry Sauce

Probably the most generally used strategies of preserving meals, freezing is a fast method to make sure you can take pleasure in your vacation leftovers lengthy after the season is over.

Not solely that, however not like different strategies of preserving meals like pickling or making jams that use sugar or salt to maintain them from spoiling, freezing retains the unique style of the dish.

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Nonetheless, storing frozen meals past the advisable finest earlier than date will lower their general high quality. That is very true if meals is wrongly saved in non-airtight storage containers.

Easy methods to Freeze Selfmade Cranberry Sauce

Because the saying goes, the more energizing the berry, the sweeter the fruit. Utilizing fresh cranberries making your do-it-yourself sauce not solely leads to higher, bolder flavors, however there are further storage advantages as effectively.

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Selfmade Cranberry Sauce retains splendidly within the freezer for as much as three months. Pour your cooled cranberry sauce into freezer-safe plastic zip-top baggage and squeeze as a lot air out of the bag as attainable earlier than sealing it.

Make sure to label it with the identify of the meals and the date you set it within the freezer.

Another choice is to make use of silicone ice cream molds for freezing smaller parts of cranberry sauce. Add the cranberry sauce to the wells and place the tray within the freezer. As soon as utterly frozen, take every dice of frozen sauce out of the mould and switch it to a reusable zipper bag.

Easy methods to Freeze Canned Cranberry Sauce

whilst you field freeze canned cranberry sauce utilizing the identical technique as do-it-yourself cranberry sauce, outcomes shall be markedly completely different when thawed.

The attribute gel texture adjustments and turns right into a watery mush upon thawing. That is why the makers of the vastly in style canned cranberry sauce, ocean sprayrecommends storing leftovers within the fridge for as much as two weeks as an alternative of the freezer.

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What to do with leftover frozen cranberry sauce

To clean down a bowl of homemade no-bake ice cream to include it into cake batter, you are able to do loads together with your frozen leftover cranberry sauce lengthy after the vacations are over.

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Listed below are some recipes we advocate making to make use of up your leftover vacation cranberry sauce:

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